Are you more Nail Or Bail? How to get on point to nail life or lifting goals

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Anyone out there used or seen one of these tags recently? #januarygoals #newyearnewyou #resolutions #fresh start #transformationgoals #cleanfood #strongerfitterfaster #cutting #bulking Just some of the hashtags appearing on social media feeds in January along with posts of frugal meals, declarations of turning vegan, crash diet plans or extreme workouts of people starting over with renewed enthusiasm for feeling and looking better. …

Be a BOSS Weightlifter

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Book now as spaces are limited CLICK HERE  Be a Boss Weightlifter  @ Lakeside Weightlifting is a beginners course aimed at introducing the basics of weightlifting to 18-25 year olds to build a new squad of strong and confident lifters. Weightlifitng is fun and a great way to get, fitter, stronger and faster for life and other sports. BOSS lifters who complete the course will recieve: 6x1hour long training sessions with highly qualified coaches starting 24th January 6-7pm A certificate of achievement A pair of Weighlifting socks 2 weeks unlimited membership to Lakeside Weightlifting Club after the course The chance to enter a friendly club competition with other beginner members where they will meet and be judged by an ex international weightlifter. No experience required, just come along and get involved …

Secret Recipe for ultimate relaxation : How to relax like a pro at bath time

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So you had a long day at work, you’ve overdone it in the gym, your muscles are screaming at you how do you relax? don’t just grab a shower, gobble down a bad dinner and fall into bed, take time to

Love your Workout – Valentines Offer

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10 Secrets to improve your physique from a Bodybuilders playbook Part 2

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So after reading part one of this two-part series to improve your physique you should now working in the right rep ranges, have figured out where your weakness are and be using the most relevant exercises for your goal? Whilst also paying much better attention to your nutrition and recovery? If you missed part one read it HERE Lets move …

Spring Fitness RESULTS what we all want for our body

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So spring has kicked in I find myself in shedding mode, in more ways than one. I like to clear out all the junk from the house, peal out of winter clothes and de-clutter my life, I can’t be the only one as the queues for the dump are getting longer every day with people clearing out household and garden …