About Wandering Weightlifter

Head Coach Lizzie Havers – is a British Weightlifting Level2 Coach, Advanced level 4 Personal Trainer and strength coach. She has a fun honest approach mixed with a little tough love and plenty of encouragement. Lizzie will train you like an athlete always focusing on good movement and posture enabling you to reach your strength, health or image goals safely and be able to continue your training long into the future.

Her desire to train you is driven by wishing to share the knowledge she gained through her own struggles with maintaining a healthy weight and staying strong while battling with Hypermobility. She is experienced in conventional training but specializes in Olympic Weightlifting and strength and conditioning which develops functional strength and fitness for real life situations or sports specific goals.

Why not check out our Packages & Fees to find out more and read a few testimonials from our Wandering Weightlifters clients.

Our focus is on your strength, but as a result of the training you will also see improvements in energy, sleep, power, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, posture, balance & co-ordination as well as energy, sleep, and confidence!

Our membership is around 50 strong and we welcome mums, dads,kids,teens, students, sports people, injured people, athletes and weightlifters! If you are looking to get fit, strong or compete in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting get involved.

Lakeside is also proud to have been selected as a Talent Academy for British Weightlifting for our great work in youth development.
This link enables any youth training at lakeside access to the GB Talent pathway for selection to GB Squads and camps. Our Youth squad meets twice a week and welcomes children and teenagers (age 8-17yrs).
For some of our members stories check out the testimonials section of the website.

When you sign up with us your goals and current situation are discussed in detail during your first session, enabling us to establish the right plan or program for you. Throughout training your progress is monitored and adjusted to keep you on track this is something simple that an App, book or magazine cannot do that we will. We want to help you work through any barriers to help you to reach your goals.


  • Active IQ-Level 4

    Certificate in exercise and nutritional interventions for obesity and diabetes

  • Active IQ-Level 3

    International Diploma in advanced personal training and nutritional advice for weight management-Premier Global

  • Strength and Power Level 1 & 2

    Strength Education (L3 Internship)


    Certificate in Foundations in strength & conditioning / Effective programming / Speed & Agility

  • British Weightlifting (BWL)

    Level 1 Assistant Coach

  • British Weightlifting (BWL)

    Level 2 Weightlifting Coach

  • Cross Fit Level 1


  • Active IQ-Level 3

    Certificate in personal training

  • Active IQ-Level 3

    Award in designing pre and post-natal exercise programs

  • Active IQ-Level 2

    Certificate in fitness instruction (gym)

  • Kettlebell Instructor

    Kettlebell Instructor Training

  • Powerplate Instructor

    Powerplate Instructor Training

  • Better Balance for Life

    Falls Prevention in the elderly – Hampshire County Council

  • sta/NARS

    NARS-Pool safety award

  • sta Level 2

    Certificate in Teaching swimming (FULL)

Recent Seminar Attendances

  • Phil Learney

    Advanced Nutritional Strategies

  • Phil Learney

    Hypertrophy Workshop

  • Russian Weightlifting Techniques

    WOD Skill Events -Dimitri Klockov

  • Dan John

    Can You Go -Strength Matters

  • Hassan Zaid

    Neurological knowledge for strength training – UP Fitness

  • Attitude Nation Level 1

    Catapult Method Weightlifting Certification (USA)