Are you more Nail Or Bail? How to get on point to nail life or lifting goals

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Anyone out there used or seen one of these tags recently?

#januarygoals #newyearnewyou #resolutions #fresh start #transformationgoals #cleanfood #strongerfitterfaster #cutting #bulking

Just some of the hashtags appearing on social media feeds in January along with posts of frugal meals, declarations of turning vegan, crash diet plans or extreme workouts of people starting over with renewed enthusiasm for feeling and looking better.

The New Year appears to be a magic time where seemingly special powers of….

#Motivation #Willpower #Drive

are granted to everyone to achieve anything they had not achieved by December 31st the previous year.

You clearly will be a ‘new and improved unstoppable badass’ on the 1st of January (ahem) but the diet starts on Monday right- after the hangover wears off?

This is all fantastic if it resets your brain and kick starts you into action – I wish everyone the best of luck with their endeavours BUT we are half way through January already a fortnight into new year – how strong is your….

#motivation #willpower #drive


Is it still a burning desire? Are you starting to slip and waver a little as the reality of getting on with life  kicks back in? Perhaps the goals you set were a little high on expectation, and low on progressive steps to achieve them?

How are you measuring the success of your

#improvements #changes #goals

Each of us have thoughts – some more than others! Emphasising something we are keen to do

This year I –
want to…
need to…
wish I could…
am going to…

It is fine to set the bar high but breaking down goals into manageable realistic smaller targets allowing us to progress, rationalise, and take action on these thoughts, daily, weekly, and monthly that matters most.I bet you can reel off several things without even thinking about it right now – Ask yourself….

  • What is priority No 1
  • Why it is so important to you?
  • If I nailed it this year how will I feel?
  • If I you bail out miserably this year how you will I feel?

I personally will only get on with things and do them repeatedly if I am emotionally invested in it – we all operate in a similar way!

I therefore declare the new hashtag #nailorbail  for those hipsters who like to post daily updates on achievements nobody else cares about, when it goes viral (Chuckles) – you can check up on the frequency of your personal use of #nailorbail and predict the chances of you achieving your goal based on number of times you posted per month! (Im jumping ahead – but you heard it here first)

But seriously if you want the no BS way to really make something happen give this a try…

  • Answer the questions above & really figure out why your goal it is so important to you
  • Visualise the success or failure of your emotionally – the feelings attached to the goal will drive you forward.
  • Focus all your energy on it. We all know attention divided amongst many tasks is less productive than working on one thing and seeing it through.

If you are indifferent to why you are doing it and not emotionally invested you are set to BAIL.

Get after it by….

  • Jotting down your goal and why it means so much
  • Seek professional help or research throughly the best way to achieve it
  • Ask what needs to be done and how – is it possible and realistic to achieve in the time scale you have set yourself? You can always re-align your ideas with new information to avoid BAIL
  • Set smaller short term goals – landmark of small achievements that show progress and are helping you get closer to the main goal.
  • Set daily or weekly tasks or processes that when achieved will feed sucess into your short term goals.
  • Plug all the tasks and goals into a schedule, calendar or planner on your phone or desktop that you will see daily – just like you would tick off the days to an exciting holiday.

N.B If you can’t be bothered to do the thing or structure the goal somehow do you even want it that bad?

Start to do the thing – and feel badass. 

It does not need to be a special day like New Year or Monday morning – just start.

NAIL the tasks and put a big tick / smiley face or whatever makes you smile next to achieving the daily goal. As the ticks stack up you will feel good.

If you start BAILING a lot – revisit your reasons for doing it were they emotionally good enough? Were the expectations set too high? Can you adjust the tasks or short term goals to be more realistic?

Nobody is NAILING it all the time – but consistency in NOT BAILING on daily things add up over time.

Shoot for achieving 80% NAIL allowing for the little unexpected things that come along and cause you to BAIL because life is supposed to be fun right?

Beating yourself up for a daily task not getting done occasionally is just ridiculous – but if BAIL is happening more than NAIL you need to ask yourself if you care enough or were over zealous with expectations and need to realign your goals with someone who can help?

Good luck with nailing your goals feel free to share your thoughts or questions or any #nailORbail moments with us @lakesideweightlifting on Facebook or Instagram.


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