A pukka dish for those not sure about fish

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Regular lifting takes its toll on the body and tears down plenty of muscle mass – all of which needs to be repaired with adequate supplies of dietary protein – thoughts of lovely roasted or bbq meats, bacon or eggs with added cheese always spring to my mind first but the higher fat content of these lovely things are not …

P-P-P-P-Power Breakfast. Protein Pancakes for Pancake Day or Post workout

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Power breakfast or perfect post workout meal for pancake day, the PPPPPower Protein Pancake will make your mouth water.

Self-Confidence: Measure of a good metabolism?

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How is your self-confidence? – ‘The feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.’ Want some more for yourself? Self-confidence is ‘linked with good psychological health, body image, physical health, and mattering to others; whereas low self-confidence is associated with depression, health problems, and antisocial behavior.’(1) Instinctively we know that improving physical health through good nutrition and exercise results …

Dressed Up Greek Fish Dipper.

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Dish of the week is of a fishy standard, this is a fantastic low calorie snack packed with protein will be easy and keep your hunger at bay. The probiotic power of the yogurt is also important and will keep your healthy gut bacteria topped up and support your immune system. Coming in around 120 cals per serving you will …

Resolve & change this New Year #Jantastic

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Resolve & change this New Year #Jantastic call 07891646667 now. #fitness #nutrition #personaltraining #resolutions #getfit #gains #strength 

Popeye 10 min Spinage

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Spinach is a very edible green great in smoothies, curries and as a side, enjoy this quick recipe that provides you with an excellent source of health promoting nutrients such as vitamin A, K, C, as well as manganese and folate. Serves 2 Get Set: 1 pound fresh spinach 1 tsp lemon juice 1 medium fresh garlic, pressed or chopped 1 TBS extra virgin olive …

Winter Mexican Warmer – Rustic Tortilla Soup

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This is a great winter warmer in my house, great for lunch or dinner. A Jamie Oliver dish from his great cookbook Jamie’s America. He describes the dish as a ‘mexican inspiration’ and the flavours do all mingle together with punchy success. Its warming and fresh and zingy all at the same time. My only addition to the dish is …

Winter Mexican Warmer Chilli Con Jamie

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This has to be my favourite winter recipe. Jamie uses beef brisket but I also normally use a good quality turkey, pork, lamb or beef mince as an alternative depending on my nutritional goals and budget at the time.  The recipe stands great alone but I often add a bag of spinach or kale to the recipe to get my …

10 Secrets to improve your physique from a Bodybuilders playbook Part 2

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So after reading part one of this two-part series to improve your physique you should now working in the right rep ranges, have figured out where your weakness are and be using the most relevant exercises for your goal? Whilst also paying much better attention to your nutrition and recovery? If you missed part one read it HERE Lets move …