Love your Workout – Valentines Offer

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Self-Confidence: Measure of a good metabolism?

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How is your self-confidence? – ‘The feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.’ Want some more for yourself? Self-confidence is ‘linked with good psychological health, body image, physical health, and mattering to others; whereas low self-confidence is associated with depression, health problems, and antisocial behavior.’(1) Instinctively we know that improving physical health through good nutrition and exercise results …

Resolve & change this New Year #Jantastic

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EAT and train right for your body type

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Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar? Have you tried lots of different diets with no luck or have good initial success but hit plateaus? Do you diet with a friend who drops weight as fast as Jordan divorces husbands while your body refuses to budge one inch Are you desperate to gain muscle but no matter what you eat and how you …