Titans Tour – Olympic Weightlifting with UKs Finest to Help The Heroes

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 14.15.49Having a passion for Olympic Weightlifting is what keeps my training focused day to day, but I also keep getting the chance to meet up with some of the best guys in the sport and train which is totally gets you fired up to work harder and do more.

This month I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours lifting with Sonny Webster (Commonwealth Athlete) and Gareth Evans (2012 Olympian) at Reading Crossfit. This was one of their stops on their UK wide Titans Tour.

Warning ladies these guys are not to shabby to look at either which helps motivate even more!

The guys are travelling around UK gyms in a camper van (brrrr – cold) training and helping others with their lifting whilst raising money for Help The Heroes.

They got everyone together introduced themselves and invited us to grab some bars and throw around some tin whilst donating or buying raffle tickets in aid of the cause.

While we snatched they both warmed up and trained from blocks (think the toll of 9 days on the road attempting PR’s in each gym was taking its toll). We would train then stop intermittently to admire a hefty hang snatch from the lads and then get right back on to lifting our own meagre weights with renewed enthusiasm.

Between lifts the guys came round and helped each lifter, their enthusiasm was infectious and tips were welcomed by everyone. There were tonnes of PBs and lots of banter, just what you want from a training session.

Here is a short vid of Sonny in action that night with Gareth videoing, love the aggression and determination along with the crowd support!


We followed up with clean + Jerk while the lads hit some impressive heavy jerks from the blocks. I equal Pb my clean and Jerk which was great for me with a couple of tips from Sonny there will be new PBs in the bag very soon I think.

I did grab them both for a second to get a cheeky selfie and an autograph to add to the growing collection! With Sonny off to Rio in 2016 thats a keeper!Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 14.37.34

Good luck with the rest of the tour lads.

If you would like to donate to help the heroes then follow this link.

To follow their own progress get on Twitter