Spring Fitness RESULTS what we all want for our body

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So spring has kicked in I find myself in shedding mode, in more ways than one.

I like to clear out all the junk from the house, peal out of winter clothes and de-clutter my life, I can’t be the only one as the queues for the dump are getting longer every day with people clearing out household and garden waste too.

In the fitness sense, I feel the return of summer, days are warmer and longer, the sun is out more and my urge to get my body strong and fit is greater. The motivation of wanting to be able to shamelessly parade around in shorts and bikinis is important to me but I also love enjoying the better weather by working-out outdoors. The great outdoors offers challenges for the strong body I have built-in the gym over the winter, whether I choose to sprint on the track, take a morning dip in the lake with the swans, play volleyball on the beach or hurtle down trails on a mountain bike, I will never quit throwing a barbell around but the spring offers up more sociable outdoor enjoyment as well.


Do you want to grab this summer by the horns?

Want to workout with other people motivated to make changes to their bodies too?

Sign yourself up today for ‘RESULTS’ – beginning April 1st my new group training and nutrition boot camp in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Come workout for 5 weeks in the evenings on a Tuesday and Thursday 8.00-9.00pm, Sweat, and have a laugh and see how you become

Leaner – with great nutrition advice

Stronger – with fun functional fitness and

Faster – with simple sprint training

Group workouts are a great way to keep yourself motivated and an element of competition between you and the rest of your group will ensure you get great RESULTS.

There will be a prize for the most fantastic transformation.

For more details call me on 07891646667 or FOLLOW the online ticketing link below to reserve your space.

Hurry Spaces are limited.  

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