Xmas Survival Guide

christmas survivalSo we all like to eat a little more over Christmas, and all know we shouldn’t, I have pulled together two recipes for you to try that will not expand your waistline and a workout for you to do if you slip up accidentally and land head first in a plate of christmas pudding and cream and happen to chew and swallow.

Get your Duck & Pomegranate with Sautéed Chicory in quick and go for seconds and serve up this quick and simple Pancetta n Herb sprouts side dish to brighten up your Brussels.

duck & cran







Click on the pictures to get   the recipes 


Don’t be the one getting stuck on the sofa consuming your bodyweight in chocolate, looking like one of the royal family, get up and get going and try to include your whole family here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Go on a Christmas lights hunt on Christmas eve running, cycling or walking.
  • Do 20 jumping jacks every time you hear a Christmas song and 5 push ups every time you hear anyone say Merry Christmas on the TV
  • Go for a winter walk before or after lunch/dinner to get the blood moving
  • Play an active game on the wii with the kids/grandparents or get out that old twister set.
  • Have a festive kick about with mates on boxing-day
  • Do a santa run/ park run
  • Get busy under the duvet if y’all know what I mean it’s all exercise
  • If it snows, clear the driveway, build a snowman, go sledding! Fingers crossed for that one then.
  • Or burn the Fat with this 12 Days of Christmas Workout (not to be executed on a full tummy!)

If you are still stuck for christmas shopping ideas take a peek at our offers and gifts by clicking HERE.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a cracking New year everyone xxx

  • 12daychristmas workout


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