Lakeside Weekender Results

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We really enjoyed having over 80 lifters visit us at little Lakeside for a great weekend of lifting on the 30th Aug – 1 Sep. Fantastic to see lifters of all ages from 8yrs upwards, come and give everything on the platform.

Below we have published the results from the competition and also there is a video link to a news piece that went live on ‘Thats Solent TV’ after the event.

We are looking to improve on next years competition so if you or your club have any feedback or ideas for next year please do comment below.

Thank you all for making it such a memorable weekend and hope to see you all next year.

Group 1 Lakeside Weekender results
Session 2 Lakeside weekender
Session 3 Lakeside Weekender
Session 4 Lakeside Weekender
Session 5 Lakeside Weekender
Session 6 Lakeside Weekender
Session 7 Lakeside Weekender
Session 8 Lakeside Weekender
Session 9 Lakeside Weekender
More Women Than Ever Are Competing In Weightlifting

Since its inception last year, the Lakeside Weightlifting Weekender has already grown. Offering amateur weightlifters the chance to sample a competitive environment, to challenge themselves against others in their class, and push for that personal best. And as we discovered, this Olympic sport is seeing more and more women compete than ever before.

Posted by That's TV Solent on Tuesday, 3 September 2019

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