Lakeside Weightlifting Weekender Competition

Lakeside Weightlifting Weekender Competition

Lifters 🙂

What an exciting day we had at the Lakeside Weekender Weightlifting Competition! We’re thrilled to take a moment to celebrate the success of this event and extend our thanks to everyone who participated, supported, and cheered on our incredible lifters this weekend.

The competition brought together some of the most dedicated and passionate lifters from our community and beyond. The competition was fierce and fast, and every participant gave their all on the platform. We’re excited to announce that the results are now available below, and are being loaded into the British Weightlifting database as you read this, as I know some of you have qualified for bigger events as a result of your epic totals made on the day.

Capturing your moments: The competition wasn’t just about numbers and rankings—it was also about the raw emotion, determination, strength and the squads shouts that filled the air. Our event photographer pulled out last minute, but our very own lifter and photographer Sophie Wheater stepped up and took some great pictures of all groups she was with us for. See below for a sample.

She has kindly shared these captivating snapshots with you, to take and keep, see link at bottom of email (valid for 5 days only) I also understand the would be delighted to do more work in this field so if you have an event you would like covered get in touch.

We invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and reflections on the competition in the comments section below or head to our Instagram and share your day with us. Let’s keep the conversations going and celebrate the successes that make Lakeside Weightlifting Club an awesome community Club.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events, workshops, and training sessions as we continue our journey together.


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