Mash up Monday on the foam roller after

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Mash up Monday on the foam roller after competing at the Macmillan Strongman Comp in Southampton this weekend, Toni & myself entered had a cracking day in the sunshine lifting heavy stuff for Charity, videos will pop up this week or take a peek on my YouTube channel #strongwoman #wanderingweightlifter

The Callus – 5 tips for avoiding the Knurl for those who lift

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So you lift weights? You’re tough, but are your hands? You lift and slam bars do pull-ups, swing kettlebells, dumbells and plates all in the name of strength and self improvement, the whole time your hands are by your sides working like tireless tools to see you through. Spare a thought for your trusty palms because when you rip of …

Say hello to Fitness Chrysalis’ Big Sis

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Say hello to Fitness Chrysalis’ Big Sister The #Wanderingweightlifter on Twitter @wanderinglifter check in for exciting lifting news, tips, events & banter of a strong and heavy variety. #weightlifting #powerlifting #strength #programming #education #gains #lift #squat

Tip 4: Consistency: You started so keep

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Tip 4: Consistency: You started so keep going and doddamn finish it…. stay focused even on the bad days, don’t slack on your nutrition, sleep, social life, don’t quit too soon. Pay attention to small details in your improvement, what changes are now simply habits? Take a note of changes to your body shape, energy and others compliments its working. …

Tip Number 1. Set a Goal Be it to crack

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Tip Number 1. Set a Goal Be it to crack a nut in your butt cheeks, be able to run after a thief or pick up the sofa with ease! Write it down then most importantly Post it here online for all to see or stick it to your fridge make sure you can see it everyday. #fitnesschrysalis #motivation

Secret Recipe for ultimate relaxation : How to relax like a pro at bath time

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So you had a long day at work, you’ve overdone it in the gym, your muscles are screaming at you how do you relax? don’t just grab a shower, gobble down a bad dinner and fall into bed, take time to

Im all heart for you guys this #Valentin

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Im all heart for you guys this #ValentinesDay, check this board I made on Pintrest with loads of #workouts, heart info, healthier treat food, funny stuff & gift ideas. Your welcome! #fitness #loveyourself

Titans Tour – Olympic Weightlifting with UKs Finest to Help The Heroes

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Having a passion for Olympic Weightlifting is what keeps my training focused day to day, but I also keep getting the chance to meet up with some of the best guys in the sport and train which is totally gets you fired up to work harder and do more. This month I had the pleasure of spending a couple of …